Creative Industries

Steinbeis Transfer Management S.r.l.
Jürgen Raizner
Strengthening competitiveness in Romania. Romanian industry has to become innovative. Enterprises who understood the changes on the marked faces a grand challenge: to replace the business model that was based on low-cost manufacturing by manufacturing innovative products that are put on national and international market, worth to be labelled “Made in Romania”.
Universities, Clusters, Research Institutes which are source of knowledge that can be transferred to industry.
Franchise Agency Agreement, International Project Partnerhsip, Manufacturing Agreement, Outsourcing Agreement, Services Agreement, Subcontracting
Cluster House
Dr. Danka Milojkovic
Partnership in order to develop new cluster-based economic development transnational projects in all industries, approach development funds and appear on new markets. Recruitment of the new members in the BBS Network and introducing with the Global TCI Network-Barcelona.
The Cluster House is a non-for-profit business membership organization with references in cross-border and transnational cooperation projects *Denmark, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Macedonia, Egypt…The Cluster House Business Advisory Unit, which gather over 70 international consultants, provides business consulting services to SMEs and in the cluster-based economic development field such as PCM, PRAG, FIDIC, etc. for the needs of EU funded project, public and private sector.
International Project Partnerhsip, Services Agreement
Lucia Seel International Consulting/European Cluster Collaboration Platform
Lucia Seel
REQUEST: I am looking for interesting content for the ECCP:
I am looking for special success stories, achievements of cluster organisations that can serve as model or inspiration for many other cluster actors who could not participate at the event, by publishing relevant content on the European Cluster Collaboration Platform. To find out about new cluster networks, to get the pulse of where the international cluster community is going (trends) or what are its needs.
OFFER: Support of the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP) to develop international cluster cooperation and get international visibility
For the Request: Open people willing to share the needs of their organisation for building up and maintaining international cluster cooperation.
For the Offer: Cluster Managers/Communicators interested in finding out more about how to bring international cluster cooperation to the next level by using the tools of ECCP
International Project Partnerhsip
The Innovation and Technology Cluster
Brasov, Transylvania
Andra Chitu
– Consolidating the collaboration between companies, public institutions and the research organizations within the cluster with their foreign counterparts by using the cluster as a facilitator. This can be done only through mutual interest in strategic areas that show high development potential.
– Ensuring soft landing and access to Iranian investors for the startups created and developed within the cluster. For this we are highly interested in partnering with other clusters with complementary skills or expertise in our field of interests and this is where such a matchmaking event is a perfect fit
– Developing collaborations in order to consolidate our cluster’s emergent expertise (IoT, cloud security, drones, 3d applications, IoT for smart mobility, robotics, drones, smart living)
Seeking cluster cooperation partnerships in order to create access to overseas markets and to establish business partnerships for our members
International Project Partnerhsip
Consulting Service for plant-based raw materials GmbH
Evelin Tetzner
The C.S.P. provides services in cultivation consultancy, processing incl. technology development as well as assistance in terms of exploring new applications in new markets. Partners are often companies from the private sector or institutions. The work of C.S.P. begins with the requirements of the customers.
Companies from the private sector, organizations, research institutions, clusters who are looking for new materials, innovative projects
International Project Partnerhsip, Joint Venture Agreement, License Agreement, Services Agreement
Oana Traistaru
Construct Cluster Oltenia is interested in finding national and international partners in projects with impact in construction sector and related industries.
Industry SME 11-49
In construction and related industries.
International Project Partnerhsip, Joint Venture Agreement, Manufacturing Agreement
University “Сonstantin Stere”
R.of Moldova
Aurelia Duca
University offers services for research and training in various fields: tourism and creative industries, industrial management, energy management, bio-economy, business and consumer expertise, ecological expertise etc.
Industry 250-499
university, research Center, implementation centers etc.
International Project Partnerhsip, Joint Venture Agreement, Outsourcing Agreement, Reciprocal production, Subcontracting