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IDM Südtirol
Andreas Winkler
Partnership for KnowHow- and Technologytransfer, for R&D and Internationalization
Commercial Agency Agreement, International Project Partnerhsip, Services Agreement
ArchEnerg Cluster
Bogyo Mirela

Hemp is often called as “the most useful plant of the world”, “the most versatile plant of the world” or “the most extraordinary plant of the world”. Hemp deserved these terms because it can be used for several purposes, its products can be used in food industry, chemistry, cosmetics, agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, energy, paper industry, construction, textile industry, automobile industry, and so on. However, these industries belong to the most environment polluter industries, thus it is easy to accept, if products made of the natural stuff of the hemp are used or substitute some elements of production in these industries, we can increase sustainable development in the region.
Literature on industrial hemp provides abundant descriptions on environmental, social and economic advantages gained through the production of hemp and hemp-based products. Industrial hemp provides a true triple bottom-line. The industrial hemp crop sector provides value-added economic benefits through versatile and competitive products, supports sustainable crop production and rural communities, and promises increasing environmental benefits as hemp products are increasingly substituted for fossil fuel derived products. Hemp promises benefits for:
1. Producers (strong farms)
2. Consumers (healthier choices)
3. Business (affordable and versatile biomass with many product outcomes)
4. The environment (non-toxic, organic, biodegradable and sustainable, with the potential to substitute for a broad spectrum of fossil fuel products)
In spite of the fact that hemp production provides numerous advantages from many aspects of the economy and environment, hemp production and its potentials for alternative use regained its importance only in Western Europe. In Central and Eastern Europe this process is still lagging behind. This happens though hemp industry has long and serious history and tradition in the Danube region resulting in a major influence on the cultural heritage in the region. Traditionally, hemp production in the Danube region started more than 100 years ago but in the past few decades this branch lost its importance in this region. In order to revivify hemp production in the Danube region, the possibilities are given: besides the favourable natural endowments of the Danube region, the professional knowledge engrossed in the last decades and huge research and development potentials are still available in the Danube region. Looking at this tradition, this project is crucial from the point of view of preserving cultural heritage.
The current project aims to revivify the value chain of hemp production from primary production to marketing and tourism related to hemp in the Danube region with the exploitation of the long tradition of this branch (including professional knowledge, style of living, etc.) in the region. The project will strengthen of governance and capacity development of hemp production in order to foster sustainable development and growth in the region. A right balance between conservation, protection and advancement will be developed. Cooperation between the project partners is a central requirement for sustainable planning and the development of destinations.
The project will result, as indirect effects, in more work places, preserve of cultural heritage in the Danube region, sustainable growth and development and sustainable tourism.
Industry SME 11-49
International Project Partnerhsip
University “Сonstantin Stere”
R.of Moldova
Aurelia Duca
University offers services for research and training in various fields: tourism and creative industries, industrial management, energy management, bio-economy, business and consumer expertise, ecological expertise etc.
Industry 250-499
university, research Center, implementation centers etc.
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Romanian National Union for Expert in Public Procurement
Public Private Partnership
Pre Commercial Procurement
Public Procurement Innovation
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Paul Svasta
ELINCLUS is an electronics and IT national cluster in Romnia havinh a high commitment with innovation and cooperation, establishing as objectives the promotion of the R&D in the region, support in cross-sectoral initiatives and internationalization; enhancement of entrepreneurship and collaboration between members and inter-cluster collaboration; as well as building strong partnerships between diverse stakeholders to exchange and generate new knowledge, synergies, ideas, business opportunities and joint initiatives. Looking for partnerships in EU and international RDI and technological projects.
Industry SME 50 – 249
ELINCLUS is interested to collaborate with regional and international partners in the field:
Mechatronics, Automotive electronics, Aerospace electronics, Renewable energies, Communications, Agriculture and wood industry, Home appliance and consumer goods, ECO – environment.
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INOMAR Cluster
Stanica Enache
Acces facilitat la finanţări şi resurse preselectate
Marketing şi identitate vizuală
Achiziţii cooperative, focus pe calitate şi costuri rezonabile
Participare la luarea deciziilor şi formularea legislaţiei
Asistenţă şi reprezentare legală
Consultanţă financiară
Internaţionalizarea afacerilor
Industry SME 11-49
We will partner with similar clusters and SMEs with operational experience in ICT and Tourism value-chain.
As well, we would like to develop partnership for our RDI projects.
We are looking to become part of cluster networks at national and international level.
Commercial Agency Agreement, Distribution Services Agreement, Financial Agreement, International Project Partnerhsip, Joint Venture Agreement, Outsourcing Agreement
Laurentiu Dumbrava
Further we present some of the main services that we offer to our customers and our employees.

Consulting assistance and representation in business, litigation/conflict-assistance and representation in the negotiation and conclusion of commercial contracts, litigation for disputes with business partners or with State institutions, national and international, new start-up businesses (documentation and approvals), board organization for ONG, and other services in the field of legal advice: business start-up, business development and reorientation.

Investment services through European funds
Monitoring, identification of customized programs and funding opportunities funding programmes: monitoring is complex: the emergence of a grant program that is compatible with the development plan of your business, we inform you promptly by email, fax or telephone.

Specialized consultancy: At our offices at your disposal our specialists to give advice about telephone, e-mail or even personal. At the same time we offer advice and support in the formation of the idea of development of your business what underpins the project developed.

Elaboration of projects (drafting): after work extremely accurate and important in advance, we will move on to the preparation of an application for funding in strict accordance with the legal regulations of the competent ministries. We will submit the project in accordance with the terms stipulated in the contract for our assuming we guarantee to receive the project on grounds of form and content. Following the submission of the project to carefully monitor its path up the financing contract.

Advice on the implementation of projects admitted: after the project funding has been declared winner, will begin the last part of the paper. Our company is at your disposal and in the implementation phase of the project where mistakes can occur in which you could lose funding support, but we don't at this stage does not leave you alone. Project management doesn't end with the submission and approval of an application for funding. Our skilled specialists are at your disposal as regards implementing and overseeing the project. Your assistance is provided throughout the project implementation.

Intermediary Bank: most of our customers have development ideas, know what they want to develop, but to achieve its own investments, the sources are not sufficient. Most of microenterprises and little business resort to banks. It is possible that grants funds to be insufficient in this case we are asking for the best possibility of lending for companies concerned. In most cases it is necessary to guarantee the Bank or leasing but also in this case we give our support. The above mentioned services we want to offer them through cooperation with the best-known banks across Europe. A man successfully has partnership relations with success. It is very important how the attitude in which the financial institution receives the client, which provides, where services are prompt, are reliable, stable and supported.
Business Evaluation
Recommend Business Assessment, in order to estimate the optimal price which could be paid/accepted for buying/selling a business, asset valuations for financial reporting, valuation for taxation purposes, etc.
In addition, if you are looking for an investor, the assessment report conducted by Ducatto Invest consultants can be an advantage in finding an investor who has a special interest in your selling company.

Business plan development
Whether you have a business idea and you want to turn into a profitable business, or you already have a business and want to develop your business plan is an essential tool and it is necessary in any company's strategic decision, since its foundation and to attract additional capital, partnership or sale of the business.
Business consultants Ducatto Invest teasers available expertise to structure a business plan that takes into account your business profile, the environment in which the business is underway as business objectives and available resources versus those needed business development.
Industry SME <= 10
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