IND-AGRO-POL competitiveness pole (cluster)
Cornelia Muraru-Ionel
Participation objectives: Looking for partnerships in EU and international RDI and technological projects. IND-AGRO-POL is open to cross-sectoral collaboration with other clusters or/and companies, universities, research organizations, TTOs, in RDI and technological projects, like Horizon 2020, Cosme, Eureka, Erasmus Plus, Interreg Europe, Danube Programme etc.
IND-AGRO-POL is interested to collaborate within the European and international RDI projects, in its field of competences described above, especially in the followings:
 Industry 4.0;
 Interaction of the agriculture technologies – smart technical equipments – environment in the context of climate changes;
 Advanced systems and technologies for precision farming in the context of sustainable agriculture;
 Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of the processes and phenomena related to technologies of agricultural works for improvement, optimization and environmentally-friendly;
 Virtual testing of technical equipments designed to agriculture and food industry;
 Advanced packaging – Obtaining foils for agriculture and food industry from renewable raw materials based on starch;
 Renewable energy (especially biomass, biogas, energetic crops);
 Eco-innovation;
 Energy efficiency in manufacturing processes;
 Cluster development and cross-cutting collaboration: agro-industry, food processing, environment and climate changes, eco-technologies and advanced materials, information technology and communications;
 Cluster evaluation systems and mechanisms;
 Internationalization of the cluster’s members;
 Open innovation, technological transfer, support for start-ups and spin-offs;
 LCA;
 Training and skills qualification;
 Assessment and certification of the professional skills.
IND-AGRO-POL is looking for identifying partners, creating partnerships and engaging in cooperation with international groups and networks of clusters from agro-industry sector and from cross-cutting ones.
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