Moldovan Fashion Cluster ” Sorintex”

Moldovan Fashion Cluster ” Sorintex”
Moldovan Fashion Cluster ” Sorintex”
Republic of Moldova
Vasile Stroiescu,50
Andrei Mirza

Moldovan Fashion Cluster “Sorintex” was launched on September 11, 2018, through the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange Instrument of the European Union, TAIEX.

The initiative to create Moldovan Fashion Cluster in the North Region of the country came as a reaction to the market requirements of a group of textile enterprises that wanted to tap the links between them and to create synergies between private companies, public administration, and training institutions.

The Sorintex cluster was designed to create a favorable platform for establishing the cooperation between local and international companies manufacturing clothing and potential local and international automotive suppliers.

The Cluster Management entity is “Sorintex” – light industry Association, which was created by ProEntranse with the financial support provided by People in Need from Czech Republic.

“Sorintex” Association was founded by 15 enterprises from the clothing sector, established in the northern region of the Republic of Moldova, which have the potential for 20 production lines.
These companies offer services for export to the European Union of the following famous brands: Moncler, Dekker, Montura, Crazy Idea, Soffel, Grassi.

Industry SME 50 – 249
The member enterprises of the “Sorintex” cluster have an high interest in establishing of new long-term partnerships with other European clusters, fashion clothing factories, participation in international projects, implementation of innovations and the transfer of modern technologies, as well as increasing the number of jobs and social capital provision for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
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