Mechatrec Cluster

Mechatrec Cluster
Sos. Pantelimon, nr. 6-8
Cluster Manager

MECHATREC Cluster runs its activity in the Region of Bucharest – Ilfov, Romania,having currently in its componence 144 entities: 13 R&D entities, 9 public authorities, 22 catalyzers and 100 enterprises.
The Mission consists in developing the cooperation of science and research with the business environment, in creating the proper conditions for innovation and technology transfer, for increasing
the competitiveness of the members, aiding innovation for obtaining a profitable position within the value chains of regional, national and international research in the high-tech field of mechatronics, of internationalization of enterprises under a strong joint brand and promoting an environment adequate for research and production, attracting young experts who aim at a career in research; optimizing resources and attracting specialized workforce.
The Vision of Mechatrec cluster is that by 2020 it becomes one of the most credible service providers
of innovative high-tech services and products in Europe and worldwide. The moto of the cluster –
“Mechatronics for the future!” – shows the importance of the high-tech field, the training of the
human capital in the area of research of excellence and of innovative research, as well as in the very
activity of research and development, which is a generator of knowledge, of innovations and of
advanced products and technologies that are connected to smart economic growth, but especially
the importance of a cluster-like focus, featuring national and international vocation for the
development of this innovative field.

Supporting innovation in firms in the cluster structure;
• Economic competitiveness nationwide and abroad, promoting a policy of cooperation, both
within the cluster and with other external organizations, based on a common strategy;
• coordination in defining common strategic objectives and specific actions, to achieve the
proposed objectives;
• developing a common framework for the transfer of know-how and cooperation between
partners in research – development of new products and advanced technologies;
• participation in various forms of association, in cooperation with other organizations, both
domestic and international applications in projects of common interest; collaboration with local authorities, regional and central authorities, in order to ensure sustainable development of the area;
• unitary development of all activities related to the established purpose.
International project partnership.
International Project Partnerhsip, Subcontracting