Arctic Development Environments Cluster

Arctic Development Environments Cluster
Arctic Development Environments Cluster
Tietokatu 1
Raimo Pyyny
Cluster Manager
+358 40 555 80 65

Arctic development environments produce services for the region’s businesses. The significance of development environments and experts working there to the area’s RDI activities has been traditionally valued in Lapland, which is why much investment have been made in them. The development environments are physical and virtual environments meant for use in learning and innovation, such as laboratories, studios, workshops or simulation environments where products, services and expertise can be further developed.


• Arctic research, development and innovation services in Lapland
• 50 modern development environments
• More than 750 experts and specialists
• Multidiciplinary research communities from University of Lapland, Lapland University of Applied
Sciences, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Geological Survey of Finland, Vocational College
Lappia and Lapland Vocational College
• Artic Power – Cold climate testing
• Arctic Steel and Mining – Ultra strong steel and bulk steel research and testing
• ENVI – Welfare business virtual centre
• Natural Resource Institute Finland – laboratory, environment, food and
primary research
• SINCO – Service design facilities
• SKY – social and healthcare simulation environment
• Audiovisual production research and testing studio

Arctic Development Environments Cluster offers multi-sectoral partnerships for international projects.
Arctic Development Environments Cluster is interested in partnerships for international projects as a cluster and/or via its members.
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