NDK – National Wood-Processing Cluster

Czech Republic
Studentská 6202/17
Ing. Zoja Skopalová
+420 604284331

Civic association Silesian Wood Processing Cluster o.s. (MSDK, o.s.) was established in 2005 as a result of the project – the research study, the guarantor and the bearer of the Association for the Development of the MS Region
Members of the association are natural persons and legal entities doing business in the wood and construction industry, as well as representatives of higher education. Structure Company covers the entire wood value chain by cultivation of wood and its extraction, through subsequent processing to produce products with high value added.
Members actively cooperate in the implementation of joint projects in the areas of innovation, education, research and promotion. The main goal is to innovate and develop the timber cluster of activities that improve business conditions in the woodworking industry and strengthen the links between research, universities and businesses.

We are looking for:
Cooperation in the field of scientific disciplines at the VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava
Cooperation in development timber constructions and structures based on wood
Monitoring of timber structure with respect to do behaviour of the construction and its internal environment
Realisation of specialist seminars, workshops and conferences
Cooperation on internships and practical training for specialists and university students