Brokerage Event – Cross-clustering partnership for boosting eco-innovation by developing a joint bio-based value-added network for the Danube Region


The brokerage event will be organized in the context of a conference for boosting eco-innovation by developing a joint bio-based value-added network for the Danube Region via cross-clustering partnerships.

The transition of a fossil-based to a bio-based industry addresses some of the main challenges identified in the Danube region. The dependency on fossil resources will be reduced and climate change targets be supported by reducing the GHG emissions. Furthermore the eco-innovations will support the regional development by diversifying the local economy and creating new employment opportunities. The development of new bio-based value chains from primary production to consumer markets needs to be done by connecting enterprises from different regions and industries. But due to a missing holistic transnational approach Danube actors in bio-based industry still operate disconnected and cannot properly benefit from the potential.

Therefore the aim of this initiative is to develop new methods and tools to connect enterprises transnationally. Clusters as the representatives of many enterprises are chosen to organise the industry cooperation and creation of new value chains, because they are sustainable partners and guarantee the upgradeability in the dimension industry, sciences and politics.

The clusters and SMEs will benefit from the new innovative tools and methods developed for transnational cross-clustering. Successfully established new bio-based value chains in the pilot actions can motivate other clusters and SMEs to test this newly developed approach in the future.

The event enjoys the presence of eminent representatives of European organizations, national and international clusters, research institutes, universities and companies.

In addition to the high scientific and informative character, the event will also have a strong practical side facilitating bilateral business meetings between participating national and international companies and clusters via the brokerage event session conducted with the support of Enterprise Europe Network, in order to identify the possible value chains along the Danube Region.

The brokerage event will take place in parallel with the conference.

Useful information

The conference will be held in English, and the participation is free of charge. Registering for the brokerage event in advance is necessary.

The registration for the brokerage event is now closed.

Useful information concerning the venue can be found here.

Should you need further details or any other information, please contact Mr. Flaviu Iorgulescu,